Infidelity & Trust Therapy

Mend Your Heart

Whether emotional or physical, affairs can leave partners feeling betrayed, hurt, embarrassed, angry and lost. It has changed your relationship forever, but it doesn’t have to mean the end. You can heal from the damage and restore trust. Couple’s therapy can help.

What do you do when a partner cheats?

Intense emotions make it hard to talk with one another.

Questions of why, who, for how long can be painful for both of you.

Then the hardest question: do you stay together?

This may not be a question you can answer. Not yet. Or not without the help of a therapist trained in marital and couples counseling. Someone who understands the broken trust, the blaming, the confusion, but who can also be a neutral party to identify unmet needs and guide you beyond the affair itself. It takes honesty, commitment and time to face what’s real. Someone who will call BS on the excuses and help you drill down into what truly isn’t working.

The path forward

It may be hard to envision right now, but you can trust again, laugh again and love again. If you’re committed to doing what it takes, your relationship can survive this.

At Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago, we are not here to judge what has happened. We are here to help you navigate a difficult situation. It’s a collaborative process. Sometimes we recommend working individually with a therapist in tandem or before you start joint therapy. After almost 20 years of helping couples, we know it is possible to move past an infidelity and have a loving relationship.

Onsite & Online Therapy

Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago provides onsite & HIPAA-compliant teletherapy sessions. Although in-person sessions are generally preferable, an online therapist can be a great option when this is not possible. Contact us for more information.

Why PAC for Infidelity & Trust Counseling?

We don’t use clinical jargon or write for academic journals; we are here to help people. Our approach doesn’t work for everyone, nor should it. It just needs to work for you. Your concerns guide our therapeutic approach. We each have diverse specialties so you can choose one of our licensed therapists that fits you. Sometimes you instantly click with a mental health counselor. Other times, you don’t. We get that and work to find you the best match.

Our Chicago community has counted on our psychotherapy practice for over 20 years. The on-site & online therapy services we provide range from individual therapy, couples therapy, mindfulness and child therapy. It’s a true privilege knowing that we have created a highly respected resource for our neighbors. We are an inclusive practice serving individuals, couples and families of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities. All are welcome.

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