Depression Therapy

Find Peace Again

Depression is different for everyone. It can feel like a hole you can’t escape. You may feel empty, irritable, numb. Sharing with loved ones can leave you feeling misunderstood or like a burden. Our therapists can help. 

One of the hardest aspects of depression is many folks don’t fully realize what’s going on. Most of us are somewhat familiar with the classic symptoms of sadness, anxiety and low energy. When you’re struggling with lesser-known symptoms, however, you may chalk it up to a bad week, a bad month and not seek help.

Once depression takes hold, it can cloud your perception of the world. Steps you’d normally take are out of reach. You want to feel better but don’t have the energy. It becomes a perpetual spiral. The good news is things may not be as dark as they seem.

Take back your power

Bad luck. Rough childhood. Getting bullied. Feeling unwanted, unloved, lonely, worthless. Any of these can have a lasting negative impact.

Or maybe you don’t feel like you have the “right” to be depressed. On paper you have an amazing life. How could someone with a good job, loving supportive family and a handful of good friends be depressed? You have nothing to be “sad” about. But there is an ache that something is wrong or missing from your life. This can also be depression.

It looks different for every person and it’s okay to feel however you feel. Your struggles are yours but know this: you can feel better.

Past hurts don’t have to define you. Think about that for a minute. You can’t erase the past, but you can write a new ending.

Rediscover the beauty and joy of life

Our psychotherapists will work with you and help you feel like yourself again. Over time, therapy for depression can help you:

  • Feel a renewed confidence and energy.
  • Heal and regain your sense of self.
  • Break negative thought cycles.
  • Reconnect with people and activities that bring joy.

You matter.

We know it’s hard to open up about dark thoughts. We are a safe space and are not here to judge. Our counselors will help you understand your depression, uncover root issues, make sense of things and come up with a plan. Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are worthy of happiness and connection.

Onsite & Online Therapy

Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago provides onsite & HIPAA-compliant teletherapy sessions. Although in-person sessions are generally preferable, an online therapist can be a great option when this is not possible. Contact us for more information.

Why PAC for Depression Counseling?

We don’t use clinical jargon or write for academic journals; we are here to help people. Our approach doesn’t work for everyone, nor should it. It just needs to work for you. Your concerns guide our therapeutic approach. We each have diverse specialties so you can choose one of our licensed therapists that fits you. Sometimes you instantly click with a mental health counselor. Other times, you don’t. We get that and work to find you the best match.

Our Chicago community has counted on our psychotherapy practice for over 20 years. The on-site & online therapy services we provide range from individual therapy, couples therapy, mindfulness and child therapy. It’s a true privilege knowing that we have created a highly respected resource for our neighbors. We are an inclusive practice serving individuals, couples and families of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities. All are welcome.

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