Life Transition Therapy

Dealing with the Unexpected

Things don’t always end up the way you wanted or expected. The pandemic has been a vivid example of this. Whether devastating, or even joyous, major life changes can turn your world upside down. Our therapists can help you make sense of things so you can move forward.

You may be eagerly anticipating some exciting changes: your wedding day, a new house, graduation, birth of a child. Or you’ve been blind-sided by a sudden loss. Major life changes, both good and bad, can be so hard to handle.

You are not alone. When our brains don’t recognize familiar patterns, it triggers our conflict sensors. In other words, you feel stressed! People don’t like uncertainty. We have all sorts of protection mechanisms: ignore, fight, deny, resist, hide. Maybe you’re afraid of screwing things up. Other times, it’s just too much to process.

Empower yourself

Sometimes we fixate on things that we can’t change. Certain attitudes, opinions or events may be completely out of your control. Our life transition therapists will help you shift your focus to things within your power. Sure, it’s a process to let go. That’s okay. These are critical coping skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

We can help you build resilience and cope with change

You don’t have to default to negative thoughts or assume the worst. Psychotherapy helps you listen to the thoughts that matter, identify your strengths and build a new narrative. One that helps you to lean into your power.

We are a safe space to talk about whatever has happened. We are not here to judge your life situation or how you’ve coped with it. Our counselors will help you understand how these changes are impacting you and come up with a plan. Even when things don’t go as expected, life can still be enjoyed and you are worthy of happiness and connection.

Onsite & Online Therapy

Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago provides onsite & HIPAA-compliant teletherapy sessions. Although in-person sessions are generally preferable, an online therapist can be a great option when this is not possible. Contact us for more information.

Why PAC for Life Transition Counseling?

We don’t use clinical jargon or write for academic journals; we are here to help people. Our approach doesn’t work for everyone, nor should it. It just needs to work for you. Your concerns guide our therapeutic approach. We each have diverse specialties so you can choose one of our licensed therapists that fits you. Sometimes you instantly click with a mental health counselor. Other times, you don’t. We get that and work to find you the best match.

Our Chicago community has counted on our psychotherapy practice for over 20 years. The on-site & online therapy services we provide range from individual therapy, couples therapy, mindfulness and child therapy. It’s a true privilege knowing that we have created a highly respected resource for our neighbors. We are an inclusive practice serving individuals, couples and families of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities. All are welcome.

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