If your partner has cheated on you, you’re probably feeling betrayed, hurt, and confused. You may not know what to do, what steps to take to work to save your marriage, or even if your marriage is worth saving. Prior to experiencing infidelity, most people insist, “If I were cheated on, I would never go back to my partner!”  In our experience working with couples, however, the majority of clients cannot hold to that firm, hard line.  Deciding to leave a marriage is an enormous decision, even in the face of betrayal.

Fortunately, there are numerous, successful ways of dealing with infidelity –whether you ultimately stay together or not. There is no one-size-fits all solution, either. The important thing is for you to engage in self-care, which in many cases means therapy. Therapy can help you sort through your feelings and explore what it is you really want in a safe, supportive environment. We’ll help you work on your feelings of loss, abandonment, and betrayal.

If you do want to work on your relationship, couples therapy is crucial. Frequently there needs to be work on re-establishing trust and working through the hurt feelings.  As the couple feels more secure again, additional attention can be spent looking at the state of your partnership and creating a plan for moving forward. Couples therapists are trained to ask you questions about what you both want so that you can synergize your needs and create the relationship you want.

Relationships can continue happily after infidelity; sometimes couples even report that their relationships after infidelity are stronger, healthier, and more resilient. There’s a lot of hard work to do after infidelity, but it is possible to achieve forgiveness and move forward.

If you’re blindsided by infidelity in your relationship, please give us a call. Whether you choose to explore therapy alone, with your partner, or both, we can help you and we won’t judge.

When you are ready, call 773-414-4577 or click here to book an appointment online.

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