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Tools to Stop Worrying So Much

Tools to Stop Worrying So Much

Do you worry a lot about things that other people don’t?  Do you spend tons of time analyzing small details in your day for things you did wrong?  You’re not alone!  We work with many people who worry a lot. If you feel any of these things, talking with a therapist at Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago (PAC) can help:

You can’t control your worry

You feel irritable, restless, can’t focus, exhausted, or have trouble sleeping

Your worry is getting in the way of your social life or job

Sometimes this kind of worry may benefit from medication, which a psychiatrist can help you figure out; but there are many tools to help manage your anxiety that therapists at PAC can help you learn.  We can help you learn to accept yourself despite how often you worry.  Other tools that can help include:

Relaxation and mindfulness (Mindfulness is a fancy word for paying attention to our thoughts without judging ourselves)

Stay connected with friends and family  A support system and a healthy social life are important.

Healthy distractions like going for a walk, reading a book, taking the kids to the park

Keep a journal   Writing about your worries helps identify what you are truly concerned about

Take care of yourself    Stay rested, exercise, and improve your diet

Forgive yourself or others   We can help you do this – so much of what we worry about is in the past!

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