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Group Therapy

Learn about yourself in relationships to others.

Decrease your sense of isolation, experience a feeling of mutual support, and practice new relationship patterns in a group setting. Used in conjunction with individual therapy or on its own, you’ll deepen your interpersonal skills, and improve your ability to form positive and open relationships.

Over time, group therapy can help you:

  • Share your insights with the outside world
  • Gain a greater understanding of how you work in groups and how you are perceived by others
  • Get experience and support being with others who are emotionally attuned or communicative
  • Gain insight on yourself applying your individual therapy to a group setting

Why Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago?

The common goal for the group is deepening interpersonal skills, although each member may have additional goals. Each group is led by two therapists who assist members in becoming comfortable and navigating the group process.


Onsite & Teletherapy

PAC provides onsite & HIPAA-compliant teletherapy sessions. Although in-person sessions are generally preferable, teletherapy can be a great option when this is not possible. Contact us for more information.


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